Welcome to Chinese Martial Arts School – Kingston-upon-Thames, London

Our Academy was initially authorised in 1995 by Grandmaster Wen Linjun.

The Academy of Eastern Arts in London is an official Sha Guozheng Wushu (Kung Fu) training centre dedicated to teaching the Internal Arts as directly passed down in an unbroken lineage from Master to Disciple by the great grandmaster Sha Guozheng.
Our Chinese Martial Arts School Systems, Tai-Chi, Xing Yi, Bagua Zhang, Tong Bei, and Qigong, are taught with an in-depth knowledge of Chinese Martial Arts applications and integrate the health aspects and ‘internal knowledge’ intrinsic to Chinese Medical Philosophy.
Our chief instructor, Birinder Tember, has a training experience dating back to 1971.
The Academy (Chinese Martial Arts School) has a traceable lineage of Martial, Medical and Qigong Masters and Grandmasters who support its work – VIEW lineage.