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Discover many great martial arts events in London that are organised or involve the London Academy of Eastern Arts.

2024 Dates

Course Announcements / Workshops / Events


6-week introduction to Tai Chi commencing w/c 15th In Hounslow and Kingston Upon Thames.



Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon Celebrations.

Spring Workshop – Details TBC



Tai Chi Level 1 (10-week program, Intro to Tai Chi pre-requisite)*.



6-week introduction to Tai Chi.



Tai Chi Level 2a (10-week program, Intro to Tai Chi and Level 1 pre-requisite)*.



Tai Chi Level 1 (10-week program, Intro to Tai Chi pre-requisite)*.

Summer Workshop. Details TBC



6-week introduction to Tai Chi



Tai Chi Level 1 (10-week program, Intro to Tai Chi pre-requisite)*.

Tai Chi Level 2a (10-week program, Intro to Tai Chi and Level 1 pre-requisite)*.

Tai Chi Level 2b (10-week program, Intro to Tai Chi, Levels 1 & 2a pre-requisite)*.

Autumn Workshop – Details TBC



6-week introduction to Tai Chi



Christmas Dinner, Details TBC

The Academy’s grading system forms a development structure that allows students to understand a broader picture of their potential development and where they are in their journey.



The syllabus is split into 10 levels, each building progressively on the previous one. Upon joining the Academy, the student is given an overview of the 10 levels to understand their development requirements.



For each discipline, the student is expected to have a minimum of 100 contact training sessions of at least one hour each, with an authorized instructor for each level of training.

For students training in multiple disciplines (e.g., Bagua Zhang & Xing Yi), some exceptions are possible for levels 1 to 3 where the basic skills required for each discipline may overlap.
Students have the option to have their skills formally assessed, but this is solely for their own satisfaction and does not give seniority to students who have chosen not to be assessed.

Once a student has completed the required training for level 3, they are encouraged to begin assisting in teaching. By the time they have completed the requirements of level 5, students should be confident in running their own classes. Assessments are mandatory for students embarking upon our teacher training programs and/or those students wanting to set up their own classes upon completing the requirements of level 5.
In addition, there is also a possibility of undertaking internationally recognized ‘Duan Wei’ gradings in accordance with the Chinese Wushu Association.

There are nine grades in total, with the 9th Duan Wei being the highest. The Academy can help you prepare for these assessments in all our arts.

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We hold quarterly workshops teaching Bagua, Xing Yi and Taiji, usually commencing the first week of January, followed by the Saturday closest to the Spring and Autumn Equinox and Summer Solstice.

In addition, there are Qigong workshops four times a year during the ‘transitional phases’ according to the Daoist seasons and occasional specialist workshops.

Check our events diary as this is updated regularly.

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