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Heart Regulating Exercises
  |   Kung Fu, Qigong

理心 – Li Xin Gong

As we approach the summer season, the heart's energy (the Fire element is also related to the summer season) becomes prominent, and Qigong practice should be practiced accordingly. Based on research conducted in China, I thought I would give a little background on the findings...

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07 April
Qigong London
  |   Kung Fu, Qigong

Some Research on Qigong

My mother first introduced me to Qigong exercise in the form of Indian vedic spiritual exercises when I was five years old. The pranayam (breathing exercises) as they are referred to were simple to perform, but boring...

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06 April
Tai Chi, Kung Fu School London
  |   Kung Fu, Qigong

A Focus on Qigong

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the harmonious functioning of the human body as a result of the ideal balance and flow of Qi. The practice of Qigong can be aimed at general improvement of the body or for the treatment of a specific illness....

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05 April